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Pinky’s Strawbelicious Pie

Recipe By: John Sunvold
Year Submitted: 2015
Winner Second Place


Use 9/9.5/10 inch plate.
Serves eight.

1.5 c. graham cracker crumbs
6 T. melted butter
3 T. sugar

Chocolate Layer:
2 TBS butter
2 TBS corn syrup
2 TBS cream
1/3 cup chocolate chips (semi-sweet)
1 cup powdered sugar

Cream Cheese Layer
6 oz. Cream Cheese
1/3 C. Powdered Sugar
6 oz. Cool Whip

Strawberry Glaze
1 c. sugar
2 c. mashed strawberries (frozen work well)
1 c. water


Mix graham cracker crumbs and sugar, add the melted butter and press into a 9-10 inch pie plate. You may not use all of it if you use a shallow pan. Bake 8-12 Minutes at 350 degrees.
Coat cooled crust with a light layer of Dolci hard chocolate shell. Chill.

Chocolate Layer:

Mix butter, corn syrup, and cream, and heat over medium heat until boiling. Stir constantly. Add chocolate chips and stir until melted. Once fully combined, slowly add powdered sugar. Mix completely, then carefully spread the chocolate onto the bottom of the crust.
It cools quickly, so you must spread immediately. Chill.
When chilled, cover this layer with another light layer/drizzle of Dolci hard chocolate shell.

Cream Cheese Layer
Mix softened cream cheese with powdered sugar. Fold in of Cool Whip and spread on top of the cooled chocolate layer. For extra crunch, apply a thin layer or two of Dolci hard chocolate shell between thin layers of cream cheese layer. Chill.

Strawberry Glaze

Place all ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil, and boil for ten minutes. Stir frequently. Strain and collect the syrup in a bowl.

Take 2-3 T. cornstarch in a bowl, and three T. of the cooled syrup. Make a paste. Add drops of syrup until all of the starch is incorporated into the paste. Slowly add another 1/2 cup of the syrup and stir. Place all of the syrup and the starch into a pot, bring to a bowl, bowl for one minute or until thick and clear. Remove from heat, let cool, then chill.

Coat 1-2 pints of fresh strawberries in the chilled glaze and arrange on the pie as you like. Strawberries may be sliced, quartet, and/or kept whole.

Top/decorate with favorite whipped topping. Top with nuts, strawberries, chocolate, syrup, or chocolate covered strawberry pieces, if desired.

Chill for at least four hours.