About American Pie Council

About American Pie Council

Championing Pie Excellence Since 1995

The American Pie Council® has risen to become a national culinary force, championing pie excellence through its prestigious championships. Born in 1995 from a friendly neighborhood rivalry, the APC evolved under the visionary leadership of Rick and Linda Hoskins, transforming into a platform for commercial, professional and amateur bakers alike.

People with pie
People with pie

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Their relocation of the championships to Orlando and the creation of the iconic Great American Pie Festival™ cemented the APC’s place in the hearts of pie enthusiasts nationwide. Today, the APC is the top influencer in the pie industry. The future of the APC looks as sweet and promising as the perfect pie crust.

Fun Facts

$2.2 billion pies sold in grocery stores in 2022.

50 million pumpkin pies devoured each November.

1 in 5 Americans have eaten an entire pie by themselves.


Beyond crusts and fillings, discover a world of discounts, exclusive events, and pie-tastic surprises

Beyond crusts and fillings, discover a world of discounts, exclusive events, and pie-tastic surprises. Membership isn’t just a bonus, it’s a delicious adventure. An APC membership unlocks exclusive access to expert tips, secret techniques, and a vibrant community that elevates your baking from good to legendary.


Amateur members get access to industry knowledge, grow their pie making skills, connect with peers, and learn from professionals.


Professional members get business to business networking, supplier connections, keys to build their rand, and ability to showcase their talent.


Commercial members can influence the pie industry, generate leads & sales, reach target audiences, and be featured in the APC pie directory.

Board of Directors

The Pie Council’s board, a diverse group of pie lovers and experts, works together to shape the future of pie-making. They focus on more than just baking, strategizing to preserve pie heritage, nurture talent, and promote pie as a symbol of community and joy.

example team member

Rick Hoskins

Colborne Foodbotics
Lake Forest, Illinois

Favorite Pie?
Chocolate Cream Pie!

As the son of two pioneers in the American Pie Council, Rich and Linda Hoskins, I have spent decades attending the APC National Pie Championships and Great American Pie Festival. So many great memories and relationships created from the love of pie. I am really excited about the future of our industry and look forward to promoting the consumption of pie.

Dylan Wickersham Wick's Pies

Anna Lawrence

Regional Sales Manager
Jessie Lord Bakery
Torrance, California

Favorite Pie?
Coconut Custard Pie

I have developed a passion for pies, gathering the best of each ingredient to create a finished product with an amazing flavor profile. I feel like pies bring happiness and togetherness when enjoying with family and friends. I look forward to continuing to develop and share my love of pies with future generations.

example team member

Edward Lee

Industrial Baking Sales Manager
Joy Baking Group
Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Pie?

I have been in and out of bakeries since I was 8 years old accompanying my father while reporting for Modern Baking Magazine. Pie has always been a staple at our family parties and a focal point of my last 20 years working in the baking industry. I love the creativity pie bakers can bring to the table and learn about how we can contribute to the advancement of ideas for the category!

example team member

Ryan Morris

Sr. Brand Manager
Sara Lee Frozen Bakery
Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Pie?
Chef Pierre Apple Hi-Pie

After years in market research with Neilsen, then onto Kraft Heinz where I managed an array of brands from cream cheese to salad dressings to soups, I now am a senior brand manager in food service with Sara Lee Frozen Bakery. from National Pie Day doubles as my birthday! So you could say I was “born for this role.” I’ll be celebrating with my family, including a one-month old daughter.

Dylan Wickersham Wick's Pies

Michele Stuart

Michele’s Pies,
Norwalk, Connecticut

Favorite Pie?
Country Apple!

My favorite memories growing up are the hours I spent in the kitchen with my grandmother. I always told her that one day I was going to own a pie shop. I began that journey in 2006. In 2007 I won my first blue ribbon at the APC NPC and since then the APC has been an important part of my pie career.

example team member

Dylan Wickersham

Sales & Marketing
Wick’s Pies
Winchester, Indiana

Favorite Pie?
Sugar Cream!

I have grown up in the pie industry as the third generation of Wick’s Pies, which was started by my grandfather Duane “Wick” Wickersham in 1944. I oversee the marketing and sales, including leading our e-commerce. My wife Mitzi and I have three children Ruby, Reese and Kai. When we aren’t eating pie, we enjoy the outdoors — mountain biking, snowboarding and surfing.