An (Almost) Endless List of Ways to Celebrate National Pi Day on March 14

  1. Bake or buy a pie and then decorate it in a way that celebrates Pi.
  2. Celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday with a strawberry pie.
  3. Read “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” and share pie slices.
  4. Use a pie recipe to teach children math.
  5. Make paper plate pies for fun activities with little ones.
  6. Bake an “Apple Pi” in honor of Isaac Newton.
  7. Create a “Never-Ending Pi Buffet” at work.
  8. Share a Pi-decorated pie with a math enthusiast in your neighborhood.
  9. Host a huge pie party to celebrate Pi.
  10. Deliver a pie to a math teacher.
  11. Bring pies to your child’s classroom for a Pi Party.
  12. Teach children ratios and division with pie slices.
  13. Review taxes with your accountant over pie.
  14. Plan a round trip to get pie on March 14.
  15. Write and share a Pi-ku (a haiku about Pi).

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